The only thing I use for my hair is a Tangle Teezer. It's the best thing ever for everyone that has long hair.
—Lara Stone, Supermodel | Oct 2013

"The Tangle Teezer is the perfect brush for detangling wet hair, especially when it is fragile following a highlight to double process service… the client won't even feel the knots sliding out … it's that gentle on the hair!”
Kris Sorbie, Redken  Artistic Director

Aqua Splash is the first upright, non-slip, water loving detangling hairbrush. It just loves to dive in and save stranded hair! The hollow design makes for easy, lightweight handling, and the rounded edges allow for smooth, free-flowing detangling.

• Use as you would a round styling brush—with a rolling wrist action.
• Curve the brush underneath the hair or on top for effective detangling results.
• Ideal for medium to long lengths.
• Perfect for distributing color solutions and conditioners evenly through wet hair, top    to tip. Turns regular conditioners into deluxe treatments; improves the consistency    of color applications.
• Distributing rich conditioners evenly with the Aqua Splash prevents spot build-ups    that could lead to weak blow-dries.